John and Me – The Merge


Marriage at our age is a blending of not only precious memories seasoned with joy and sorrow but also a combining of years of earthly goods.  In a year’s time, we’ve sold two houses and moved the contents of both to OUR new place.  I’m a sentimental gal and have held on to many things…probably too many.  Among my stash of stuff is the time worn wooden spoon that my ninety-eight year old mother and I stirred cake and cookie batter with when I was a girl, the double knit skinny girl shift that she and I made together forty-two years ago, two very dilapidated pieces of luggage that my dad and mom gave me for high school graduation, my grandpa’s trunk, a milk can from the farm, two sewing machines plus a host of fabrics and old patterns, a myriad of stuffed animals that talk and giggle that were my daughter’s, highly treasured pics of my four grandsons and their daddy, and the list goes on.  John isn’t quite the treasure collector that I am, at least not on inside-the-house stuff. I talked him into getting rid of the old jeep that graced his back yard (he hadn’t worked on in a couple of years.) I didn’t think potential home buyers would find it a plus. Other things catch his fancy though and our garage testifies to what a talented man I’ve married. There are wood working gizmos, tile cutting saws, painting supplies, wood staining products, fish raising stuff, motorcycling gear, camping paraphernalia, a bit of boating stuff, equipment for restoring old cars,(sure wish he had the old mustang those gadgets worked on) and did I mention TOOLS plus the motorcycle that goes with the cycle stuff?  We’ve agreed to not complain about one another’s stuff but to enjoy the diversity we bring to each others lives. We are blessed!  Thank you, Lord, for your tender mercies.  Psalm 119: 156a  Great are thy tender mercies… 


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