An Oklahoma/Arizona Christmas

John and I celebrated our first Christmas together with my kids at a rented cabin in Prescott, AZ. Before we married, we’d agreed to alternate holidays between his family and mine. He suggested that we spend the first Christmas in AZ.  As always, he’s so sweet to me.  I know he missed being with Angie and Brett.
We celebrated Christmas early with Angie and Brett. Okay, can I sneak a pic of my tree in Oklahoma before I get back to AZ pics? This is one of my most treasured ornaments. My son found it in the early nineties on the farm where I grew up. It was in an old shed, high on a shelf, wrapped in cobwebs. I love it. Brings back sweet memories of my sister and me decorating the real pine tree cut from the farm. We’d beat ivory flakes with water to make “snow” and then throw it by spoonfuls onto the tree. See where the “snow” ate the paint away? Now back to our slideshow of AZ pics. I think you’ll need to double click on the first pic to make it slide.


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