Rays of Light

Hab. 3:4 His radiance is like the sunlight; He has rays flashing from His hand, And there is the hiding of His power.

Tonight John and I went to the hospital to visit our dear friend, Janet.  Without God’s intervention, Janet’s daughter will graduate from her earthly body within the next few hours. Her daughter is only forty-five years old.

After our visit, we left the hospital feeling helpless and sad. On the way home, we stopped briefly at a grocery store.   When we came back outside, we were greeted by a sky ablaze with shafts of light.  At first I thought there must be powerful spot lights aimed into the sky from a business but the more we looked, the shafts of light spanned the sky all around us. It couldn’t be a man made spectacle.  We didn’t have John’s camera so I captured as much of the display as I could with my phone camera. Perhaps a weatherman can explain this phenomenon but untill he does, I like to think it was my Lord testifying to a life well lived for Him by His daughter.

Father, surround Janet and her family with your comfort and your presence tonight and through the days ahead.  May they feel your Peace in the midst of this storm.


3 thoughts on “Rays of Light

  1. Thank you Pam. My beautiful daughter did leave this earth this morning at 3 am into the arms of her Heavenly Father. I will miss her greatly but look forward to the day when we will be together again.


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