Moments Remembered


As the temps hit triple digits day after day, and water is rationed in our neighborhood, it’s a great time to recall our Smokey Mountain Anniversary trip. We began our May journey with a visit to see my mom in Mississippi. Then John suggested we take a side trip to Oneonta, Alabama on our way to TN. My sister is buried there and I’d never seen her head stone and John had never been to Oneonta. 20120723-164829.jpg

So off to Alabama we went. It took us awhile to locate the right cemetery but we did eventually find it and her grave. John said it felt strange to “meet” my sister in this way. He’d heard much about her so it was a rather bitter sweet experience. BUT the sweet far out weighed the bitter… thank you, John, for thinking of me and helping us to make a precious memory together. You blessed my life once again.


After this side trip, we spent the night in Chattanooga and then traveled to our Bed and Breakfast in Gatlinburg. The Buck Horn Inn was wonderful and so were the Smokey’s. Here we are after we’d hiked up to one of the Smokey’s scenic waterfalls. A passerby graciously took our picture. Most of our pics from this trip are of the beautiful scenery and with good reason. A few days before we left Oklahoma, as I wrestled with a lawn chair, it collapsed and catapulted me into the rough deck rails face first. This little catastrophe left me with a two week black eye flanked by a bumble-bee-sized scab on the bridge of my nose. It was not cute and didn’t make for good pics…it did however make for some interesting looks from people. I suspect they probably wondered if John was a wife beater. : ) Lessons learned:

1.Don’t ever try to make a gravitational type chair lie flat when it isn’t made to lie flat, particularly before an anniversary trip where you’d like to look good. The results won’t be pretty.

2. When hiking up to a waterfall, take food and water! You will regret it if you don’t.

3. If your tripod breaks when hiking up to a waterfall, you can use a rock to steady your camera for the waterfall pics.

4. Marry a man who is a great photographer if you want good anniversary pics and stay out of gravatationall chairs before the trip! : )

20120723-164904.jpg. 20120723-164930.jpg

Now mentioning hike-hunger made me think of our favorite restaurant on the trip! : )…..Bubba Gumps.  As we sat and enjoyed the “Run Forest Run” signs, John spotted this shelf behind us. See the Lottie’s Hot Sauce–third one from my right?. As a boy growing up in Barbados, Lottie’s Hot Sauce was a staple he often saw. So as you can see, loads of sweet memories from our trip.

Now I”m looking forward to cooler temps and more adventures !


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