Camping is a Comin’!

CampingWhen I started this blog, I shared that John’s an adventurer and I’m, well I made it sound good…a writer, quilter, etc…but really it could be translated to BORING!  I spent most of my life as a caregiver to my multiple handicapped daughter (a role filled with many, many blessings) but camping trips, boating, and picnics, etc. weren’t something I’d ever expected to do.   John’s life, on the other hand, was filled with hiking, boating, and camping.  He’d had a fifth wheel for fifteen years and a trailer before that.  His daughter, to this day still asks as she and her hubby are planning trips, “Dad, have I been there?”  She took her first camping trips at a few weeks of age as evidenced by the pic below.

Angie on her first camping trip.Angie baby pic

So, now, late in life as the adventurer and the grandma head out together, we are learning a lot.   When we took our first trip, we’d just traded John’s old fifth wheel for a new one.   We chose to meet John’s daughter, Angie, and her husband at a camp ground that wasn’t far away for a kinda shake-down trip and I suspect to break me in gently to the finer things of camping.

Angie’s trailer was next door to us.  We went over to visit and I had difficulty opening her camper door.  She commented that she’d had trouble with it too. Being the good dad that John is, he said, “Let me fix it for you. I’ve got some WD 40 back in the truck.”  (We all know that WD 40 will fix anything.)  He ran back, grabbed it, and the next thing we know, he burst in the door holding his eye saying, “My eye is on fire.”  I thought he said the trailer was on fire so I rushed outside, but long-story-short, as John tried to spray the lock, the liquid ricocheted back into his eye.  He was in tremendous pain. We were discussing where the nearest ER might be, well, Angie and I were discussing that…John was adamant that he didn’t need a doctor.  It was then that I picked up the “WD 40” and saw that it was actually Fuel Injection Cleaner.  It had the cross and skull poison sign on the side and said, “DO NOT GET IN EYES!”  OH MY!  I called Poison Control immediately.  They told us to have him lay down and start flushing his eye with bottled water.  So if you were in the park that weekend, and saw two women holding a man down on a concrete bench, pouring water in his face, that was us, not two FBI women water boarding a criminal.  He survived and we learned several things.  1.  Always put on your glasses before you choose a can of anything.  2.  Keep the poison control number in your phone.  3.  Make sure you have plenty of bottled water. 4. Know where your nearest hospital is.

After an hour or so, John’s eye stopped burning and he could once again see.  We had a nice dinner and then he realized that Angie’s hot water tank wasn’t lighting right.  He went over to help with that. He struck a match, held it up near the pilot, and burned all the hair off his right arm and bits of his eye brows when it suddenly ignited!

Okay, I’ve learned a lot of what-not-to-dos….he’s broken me in good! : )  I’m ready for the next Shake-up trip. Stay tuned in May for posts from the Grand Canyon.


14 thoughts on “Camping is a Comin’!

    • Ha, glad we survived too. I forgot to add that in the middle of everything, I got dehydrated and threw up in our new camper on the carpet! : ) Need to add as a tip…besides having plenty of water…drink it too!


  1. Oh my goodness! This is truly an adventure into unknown territory!!!! Are you guys trying to compete with “Survivor” on t.v.? Stay safe!


  2. I enjoyed your story. I have never known you to be boring. I still laugh at your chair and shower adventure when we were at Gulfport.


  3. Love this post!

    Im really looking forward to many more camping trips! Lets just hope they go more smoothly (:

    So excited for you & dad getting to go on all these adventures (: you both deserve all the happiness in the world – love you guys!

    Ps. I wasn’t a very cute baby – ha ha!


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