Preparing for Another Adventure

ImageThe fifth wheel is parked in the driveway (quite the challenge considering our crooked & long drive) and we plan to head out on our Grand Canyon/Bryce Canyon journey on Thursday morning, bright and early. Early yes, “bright” -we hope- rain is predicted. We’re checking our list. First aid kit-check. Egg crate on mattress-check. Extra pilliows, blankets-check. Plenty of food-check. Pizza stone in oven-check. Navigational device-check. Atlas-check. Tool box-check. Walkie talkies-check(Our friends Sharon and Sandra are following us in their trailer) IPAD-Check. Stamps-check. (gotta mail post cards!) Books on the Grand Canyon and Zion-check. Towels, wash cloths, soaps, cleaning supplies-check. Warm clothes & summer clothes-check. Sandals, hiking shoes-check. Fire wood-check. Advil, tums, etc.-check. National parks passport booklet-check. Firewood -check. Bible & Prayers-check.

The fifth wheel stays stocked with pots, pans, paper goods, etc. We did a short shake down trip this past weekend to make certain everything was in working order and John had a new transmission put in the truck a few weeks back. He’d logged 220,000 miles in it already so it was time for a new transmission. Oh, and yes, on the weekend trip, John fixed a leak under the bathroom sink-after he’d pulled everything out from under the sink, he tightened the lid on his mouth wash and the leak was fixed. : ) –and the bathroom smells minty fresh. So we’re READY to strike out for 10 days of adventure. Wish us well. : ) Stay tuned for posts from the road…the Lord willing. : )


5 thoughts on “Preparing for Another Adventure

  1. Love the check list! I’ll have to save this post (:

    Have an amazing adventure!! Looking forward to seeing pretty captures & your writing descriptions – you two make a great pair (:


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