Grand Canyon Bound

Rest stop along the wayOur little caravan logged 560 miles yesterday—leaving Tulsa at 7 a.m and settling into our camp site in Santa Rosa, New Mexico before night fall. It was a good day of travel with lots of laughter and a few too many snacks. It’s been a delight to travel with two of our feisty friends from church.

When John and I first married, I’d seen no National Parks. He’d visited quite a few. Now, together we’ve seen six in the past two years and we hope to see two or maybe three in the next few days…starting with the Grand Canyon.

We’ve already seen some cool sites thus far on this trek, stopping yesterday to tour the 19 story Cross in Groom Texas. John has been there before but it was another first for me. I was quite impressed by this wonderful display honoring our Lord and would like to return there when we have more time.

On this trip, John is calling me his techie girl…not sure why, except that I forgot to charge our IPAD last night because I was charging two IPHONES, a camera, the Walkie talkies, and the hot spot. Today, on his fancy power converter, as we drive down the road, I’m rotating the gadgets that I’m charging. Right now, it’s the IPAD so I can write this blog as I also take pics with my phone of the incredible skies. I’ll post them too. Techy???

While we are talking about techie nicknamed people, let me add that if you are traveling down the Interstate and want a few great apps to help make life easier, download RoadAhead, Rest Stops, iExit, and Height Finder. By the way, we were at 8000 feet but now we’re at 6000. Hold on, I’ve got to get on the Walkie Talkie to tell Sharon and Sandra to check out that mountain!



20130510-150944.jpgBits of all kinds of weather – dust storms and rain20130510-151019.jpg


2 thoughts on “Grand Canyon Bound

  1. Okay, blogging while you’re on the adventure is very exciting!!! I’m loving the pictures and I’ll be sure to download those apps (;

    I’m so happy you made it safe and sound! Take it all in (:


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