Canyon Contemplations

photoWe’d heard that there could be severe weather in Oklahoma by Sunday night (the last day of our vacation) so we pushed hard to get home early. We’d planned to stay in Shamrock, Texas but the RV park there turned out to be a bit of a dump, no pun intended. The wiring we would’ve plugged into was old and exposed to the elements and when John attempted to find a better place to connect, a couple of snakes slithered out of his way as he trudged across the dark fields they called RV pads.  We decided to drive on down the road.  Consequently we spent our last night in a Visitor Center sandwiched between big rigs whose motors ran all night. The sleep wasn’t great but it was safer than continuing to drive after we were overly tired. It was certainly another new experience for me. : ) We did achieve our goal the next day though and arrived home ahead of the weather.

Now that we’ve had a week to rest, I’m contemplating our trip with very fond memories. It was awesome. But in light of the horrible storms that hit Moore, it seems selfish to post about our fun. It makes me want to instead say THANK YOU God for an opportunity to see Your awesome creation and I’d like to share what John’s daughter wrote on her blog last week….. your moments, even the little ones. Smile at yourself in the mirror after brushing your teeth … yes, we brush our teeth every day, but those children woke up and got ready for the day & never get to do it again. Give someone a compliment, laugh, follow the golden rule, discover simplicity, eat dessert, mail a card to a friend, enjoy your cup of coffee, encourage others, tell your loved ones you love them, forgive, have a freestyle dance party when you hear your favorite song, squash jealously, always have others best interest at heart, pray, soak up the sun, be genuine, stop & take pictures, be happy & squeeze life … LIVE!”

Thank you, Angie, for such a sweet capture in words and I wholeheartedly agree with you.

Here’s a few pictures of our views…most of these snapped with my IPHONE.   The next pics coming in the upcoming post,taken by the real photographer!




Picnic Dinner over looking Bryce Canyon.  WONDERFUL!DSC_1659                       Our last night ….sandwiched with the trucks!20130526-235552.jpg Bryce Canyon – all of us voted this our favorite place.


5 thoughts on “Canyon Contemplations

  1. You’re the sweetest Pam-la! Thank you (:

    You & dad make such an unstoppable pair with your writing & his captures! I love the photo you took of dad taking pics … Great angle, love that its off center, includes the fence detail – you’ve got a good eye (:


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