Ten Days of Photo Memories

John’s daughter, Angie, pointed out to me that our lives are carved up into segments. She’s so right. For me those segments include, to just name a few: daughter, farm girl, student, believer, wife, city girl, mom, caregiver, crafter, writer, speaker, grandma, widow, (aka deep griever-copied from Angie), deep rejoicer, and now wife again and RV traveler.

Many of those titles I never saw coming and I certainly never expected RV traveler to be one. But God, through all the stages of my life, whether painful or joyful, has always been my refuge and my rock. At one of my lowest points, He surprised me with a new path I never expected to take. And now I share with you, sites I’ve enjoyed in this new segment of life.


Mother’s Day Gift -my awesome boys!

Here we are!John and PamIMG_5197My son and Sam
Pam, Sandra, and Sharon



The Narrows at Zion National Park DSC_1591EPam & John Grand Canyon

The Narrows at Zion

The Narrows at Zion

DSC_1428 Awesome viewsDSC_1568E DSC_1567E DSC_1555EDSC_1536E DSC_1523E DSC_1499E DSC_1498EDSC_1444EDSC_1617E DSC_1467 Our Caravan at Cliff DwellersDSC_1644E DSC_1581DSC_1574E DSC_1474E


8 thoughts on “Ten Days of Photo Memories

  1. beautiful post!

    I love reading about the different characters in a persons life & how they all come together to make a person whole.

    You have a inspirational life story ❤

    These pictures are magical!!!!


  2. Great photography ! Captured the true beauty of this incredible land. Loved reading your words about segments of your life.


  3. I finally found your pictures and commentary just now. Sounds like a wonderful trip.I’m definitely putting the Grand Canyon on my list of places I’d like to visit!


    • Hey Lynda, I was hoping we set it up where it would automatically e-mail you when I posted. Bryce Canyon was our favorite place but everyplace was beautiful. May was a great time to go because the crowds weren’t too bad & it wasn’t too hot. The first weekend was COLD. I wore my coat & was still chilled. Thanks for tracking down the site!


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