RV Trip Tips

I turned sixty-two this year. I didn’t know what a perk that’d be when visiting National Parks. We bought a $10 Lifetime Senior Pass AFTER we’d already paid $25.00 to enter the Grand Canyon and the rest of our park visits were free. Had we known about it before entering the first park, we’d have an extra $25 bucks in our wallet now. Another pass perk is no lines upon entering since there’s a separate lane for those with passes. This pass admits one car with up to four people. What a deal!

I learned a few other tips from this trip. When we set up camp the first night, I discovered that I’d left the bag that housed my medicines, hair products, nail clippers, allergy pills, and etc. One of the medications was compounded for me so there was no picking it up anywhere. I had no choice but to substitute the closest over-the-counter medication I could find and thankfully it worked fairly well. It became a joke though …the fact that I’d left my meds. Occasionally my friend Sandra would remind everyone to be careful of Pam because “she’s off her meds.” : ) We carry a laminated check sheet (that we made) for the trailer to make certain we do everything that we should. Guess we’d better make a laminated check list for ourselves.

Before this trip, I researched RV ovens and that led me to place a pizza stone in ours. Wish I’d used the unglazed tiles also suggested because the stone split in half on the trip but it still did it’s job well. It won’t be doubling any more as a pizza stone though. It allowed us to bake things like biscuits without them burning on the bottom. I’d still like to find a small air bake cookie sheet.

My favorite recipe that I fixed on this go around was chili. Before we left home, I pre-cooked the meat with garlic and seasonings and froze it in a zip lock. One of the days that we got in to our park about noon, I thawed the meat in the microwave, tossed it in the crock pot, and added the canned ingredients that I’d brought along. I baked a cornbread mix and we had a quick dinner. The next night, we microwaved potatoes and put chili and sour cream on top of them, and we had another easy meal that was yummy. It was great for the cooler temps on the North Rim.

Our laminated don’t-forget-list for the trailer – now I must make one for myself!


3 thoughts on “RV Trip Tips

  1. I’ve never thought to make meals ahead … Great idea! We always try to cook on the road and we never have everything we need. I think I’ll try making a few things ahead, then we only have to remember stuff to warm it up!



  2. I don’t RV but if I did, I’d want to accompany you and John. You make it sound tasty and appealing. And, really, your tips work for daily living too: be prepared. Thanks for sharing!


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