The Old Place – A Tender Mercy

The Charlie Powell Homestead

The Charlie Powell Homestead - built in the early 1900's.  Children- Toxey, Sherley, Alcus, Mamie Lou, Mary, & Madran.

John and I just returned from a trip to Mississippi to visit my mom. We try to go every three or four months. My mom is ninety-nine and I’m so blessed to still have her. Another great blessing is that when we visit, most of the time we stay in the home where my dad was born. It’s a treasure chest of memories of days gone by and a simpler but hard life–long days of dawn til dusk work and years of no air conditioning, home-made quilts for the cold winters, wash boards, wood stoves, hand drawn well water, few clothes and they were hand stitched, and no clothes dryers or automatic anything. In later years they added indoor plumbing and electricity and later on an air-conditioning unit but they lived many years without any of the luxuries we take for granted today.

My grandfather, Charlie Powell, built this home in the early 1900’s. He and his wife, Aby, raised three girls and three boys here.. My dad was one of those boys…Shirley Powell. Grandmother and Granddaddy worked hard and lived at this home until their deaths. Grandmother died in 1970 and Granddaddy died in 1974. My brother, Jerry, purchased the land with the old house and restored it in the 1990’s. He had to tear down the back part of the house because of termite damage but he restored what was left. We had a family reunion there in 1998 and about one hundred relatives “came home.” It was a great blessing to see life and laughter at the place once again. Today, my brother uses it for a retreat— primarily for those of us who live away. It’s a wonderful blessing to stay where my dad lived as a boy. He’s been gone for thirty-seven years but I never feel as close to him as when I’m out in the woods where he played, enjoying the beauty of this old home. THANK YOU, JERRY!

This propane tank has been there as long as I can remember.

This propane tank has been there as long as I can remember.

My dad with his parents & siblings

My dad with his parents & siblings, Daddy is on the right. Grandmother is expecting her last child.

They called the Old Place home & raised their family here & lived their final days here.

They called the Old Place home their entire married lives, raised their family here, and saw many grandchildren and great-grandchildren walk through these doors. I’m proud to call them Grandmother and Granddaddy.

My grandparents & my two brothers at the Old PlaceMy grandparents & my two brothers, Wayne and Jerry, at the Old Place. I imagine they were on their way to church. In Grandmother’s last years, I often sat with her in church on Sunday morning. She lived to be 88 and lived a life of faith. THANK YOU, Grandmother.

Probably made at the old Place ~ possibly when  he left for college.

Probably made at the old Place ~ possibly when he (my dad)left for college or graduated high school. This picture would have been made in the late 1920’s are early 1930’s. He lived a life of faith, also, until his death in 1976. THANK YOU, DADDY.

Love this picture that John snapped.

Love this picture that John snapped. Original wood on the ceiling of the porch in this recent picture.

We had a Powell Family Reunion at the Old Place right after Jerry finished restoring it.We had a Powell Family Reunion at the Old Place right after Jerry restored it—1998. Pictured here are my brother,Wayne, who died in 2000 and my sister, Lynda, who died in 2001. Precious memories. I’m the short one on the front row. This was the last picture made with us all together. My brother, Jerry, is on the right.

This is all that is left of our family of origin.

This is all that is left of my family of origin but sweet memories live on.

John & Pam

John & Pam on the front porch of the Old Place. Thank you, John, for sharing my memories and bringing me here often.

Aren't the grounds of the old place beautiful?

Aren’t the grounds beautiful? The old barn has long since burned to the ground but memories linger of climbing the ladders to the loft with my Grandmother’s help to gather eggs. If you walk down this lane and through the gate, you’ll soon be on the property where I was raised. My nephew lives there now. My old house has been gone for several years. Our land adjoined my granddaddy’s land.

Mother, Jerry, and me. Jerry keeps the place mowed beautifully though he lives fifty miles away. My mom’s old 1984 car is in the back ground. She calls it her antique. On this fall day in 2010, Jerry brought his golf cart from his home and rode Mother around the farm. She loved it.


John enjoying a cup of coffee this June morning. This swing is from the house I grew up in so this is where I sat as a little girl and where I swung my children when they were little. Such sweet memories!

Having a cup of coffee in the den

Having a cup of coffee in the Old Place den with Jerry. The old saw on the wall was my dad’s. It has a picture of the home I grew up in painted on it.

Jerry built a ramp after my mom had a stroke.

Jerry added a ramp after my mom had a stroke. One of her favorite saying is “we don’t know who is going to last the longest, me or the ramp.” She might out last the ramp because some critter has started to eat it.

The Old Place – my mom with four of her granddaughters & one of her great granddaughters.

My mom and dad – They were married in 1935 & this was made shortly afterwards. My mom remembers that my dad didn’t want to get a picture made so he was perturbed with her. They are sitting on a small round piano stool and she’s about to fall off because my dad’s sitting in the middle of it.

The family reunion of 1998-there were many more people in attendance but these are the descendants from my mom and dad’s marriage.


18 thoughts on “The Old Place – A Tender Mercy

  1. great post Pam-la!

    It’s so cool you have all those awesome memories and so many family treasures (:

    This will be so cool for your great grand kids to read ❤


    • Thank you…I did want to document my thoughts & pictures of this place. I know it won’t always be there so I tried to capture it by writing it down & putting some of the pictures in one spot. : )


  2. Ms Pam!! I loved this so much! Beautifully written and so interesting! Thank you for sharing with the Facebook world! You look BEAUTIFUL and radiant and so happy with John! Love you!


  3. Thanks for sharing your precious memories. I so enjoyed it! Love the “Old Place”. You come from a great heritage and I know you are thankful!


    • I’m still looking for pictures, Nicole. I didn’t realize until now that I don’t have any made with Grandmother & Granddaddy nor do I have any of the original house. You stay out there so your kids will remember it….so glad!


  4. precious memories,how they linger. How they overflow the soul.’ I did enjoyreading this and printed it so my mother could read it too. She enjoyed it immensely and has such fond memories of your grandparents and of course your mom.


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