A Starry Night

John had a Thursday/Friday holiday and we wanted to get-away. He’d been to Broken Bow several years ago and remembered the peaceful lake views that come with each Lodge room. We decided that’s just what we needed. 20130802-154932.jpg



We only spent one night there but it was a needed refreshment. John had worked several long, stressful days. That night, after we’d crawled in bed, John said, “I forgot to see if we have a good view of the stars tonight.” He hopped up and walked out on the balcony.

“Pam, you’ve got to see this.”

I threw on my robe and walked out beside him….suddenly I stood beneath a sky blanketed with a trillion twinkling lights. We gazed upward for quite some time, long enough, in fact, for John to see a couple of shooting stars. Then our eyes were drawn to movement beneath our third story balcony perch. Four deer traipsed across the lawn and we counted five more as they came around the corner of the building to join the others. They slowed and grazed lazily, oblivious to our presence. We dared not move. A few lay down in the shadows of nearby trees. What a beautiful moment in time….a canopy of twinkling stars above us and God’s creatures grazing below us.

I ponder that moment. I wouldn’t have thought to take that look. I’m glad John did. Makes me think of the millions of sunsets and sunrises and starry night moments I’ve missed, all because I didn’t take the time to look. God, help me to see Your Glories each day and to remember to look for them.

20130802-170739.jpg Patio view from room
The inside view of the deck.


4 thoughts on “A Starry Night

  1. Dad has a great way of noticing Gods pretty details (: I remember many drives into school where the beautiful sunrise was our entire topic of discussion. Glad you guys got to slow down, get some rest and make some memories (:


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