Lazy Days of Summer

When I grew up, the cameras we had were cheap, and it was expensive to develop the poor quality pictures. Then later, I had a nice camera but I never learned how to put the 35mm film roll in without reading the owner’s manual first. Consequently, I took few pictures and it was stressful when I did.

John, on the other hand, has been a photographer for years. He attended school in Van Nuys, California and took photography classes in high school. I am jealous when he shares the choices of classes he had in his huge school. He even had a dark room and developed his own pictures.

So I am late to the craft but I have a good teacher and modern electronics to help me now.
If you drive by my house and see me laying on the front sidewalk or porch, I’ve found something I’m trying to get a pic of. If you see me running through the yard, I may be chasing a butterfly. Whatever my stance, I’m having fun.









2 thoughts on “Lazy Days of Summer

  1. Adorably written and awesome captures! You two have the best yard & pretty critters for photographing (: Keep up the picture taking, you’re doing awesome Pam-la!


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