Fall Contemplations

20130830-193929.jpgIt happens every year at this time. As the days shorten and school starts, I become contemplative. Maybe it’s a mom thing. Perhaps it’s because for so long, as a new school year approached, there was a lot of work to be done. As a girl, the anticipation of the new school year signaled the end of canning and freezing and the beginning of a season of sewing. My mom and I would page through the Penney’s and Sear’s catalog for inspiration. Then we’d go to the local Lamptons store, search for a pattern or two, buy fabric, and return home to sew for the next couple of weeks. Then as a young mom, fall again signified that it was time to shop and sew for my own kids. Those old feelings still carry over to an excitement as my grandson’s start school but also leads to that contemplative thinking that I find myself in today.

Part of that contemplation is of the world my grandsons now face as compared to the one I faced those many years ago on the farm. What will the world be like when they are my age? After all, we’ve gone from the innocence of the Mickey Mouse Club days to the nonsense of MTV in not-too-many years. Then I think of my life today…the empty places in my heart created from loss, the relentless aging process that claims a bit more of my energy each year, that daily look in the mirror that reflects additional wrinkles and more grey hair, that initial morning arising that signals more aches and pains. Change, change, change….change is inevitable in all things.

Then comes a huge sigh of relief in the midst of all my memories and contemplations…. I can relax and trust in The One who does not ever change. Hebrews 13:8 Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today, and forever. Count me so thankful!




8 thoughts on “Fall Contemplations

  1. Awe, I LOVED this. Pam you are beautiful, inside and out. These contemplations are honest and real. They are what we all experience as life moves on. Remember those “apple head” dolls? The ones made from withering apples? When I get contemplative on the passage of time with Em and even those times when I realize I am physically changing, I think of those dolls. Lol.!! How each and every one of us is withering, slowing down from the inside out and getting ever so much closer to our heavenly home. Bah Bing! –
    No withering apples there!!! Praise be to God!!! I just love you, your sweet words and your tender heart. My brother is SO blessed 🙂 “J”


    • You are sweet!! Thank you. Hey, your, John’s, and Angie’s love of photography is contagious. I can’t go outside without atleast having the IPhone for pics now! Never know what’s out there to snap a pic of. Thanks for reading. BLESSED!


  2. This is such a beautiful exposure of your heart ❤ I don't understand how unbelievers make sense of change and life without Jesus. Recharge your comfort by knowing we all grow older physically, but so much wiser in our hearts, minds and souls.
    Beautiful post Pam-la, such a wonderful reminder to us all (:
    Love you!


    • Thank you for your encouraging words, Ang-la. Yes, the Word of God gives direction, correction, meaning, cleaning, and Peace not only in the midst of the storm but Peace after the storm is long gone.
      Keep writing….I believe God has a special plan for you. Love, Pam-la ( :


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