Oceans One

It was mine and John’s first time to visit the ocean together. There we discovered something surprising—I am addicted to “shelling!’ I know the term only because I googled info about some of my treasures. Until then, I never knew there was a shell-crazed-kid hiding behind my wrinkles and Foster Grants.

It started innocently and, thankfully, I can blame it all on John. He’s the one who spotted the little blue plastic shovel tossing to and fro in the waves and waded into the ocean to save it. He would have given it back to the kids that lost it, but we were the only ones left on the beach—so I seemed the perfect kid to receive it. Of course, I needed to try it out and thus my shell addition was born.

Over the next three days I dug up over twenty pounds of shells. John had  images (before the little blue shovel appeared) of romantic sunsets spent holding hands. The shovel dug a hole in that dream!


                          Amazing incredible God designs!20131101-154045.jpg                   More simply incredible designs of God. 20131101-154025.jpg
(I weighed them when we got home)  I’m not totally correct in saying “I” dug because ultimately John joined me in the dig.  He had to use a broken shell since I’d not let him have back his little blue shovel.

All kidding aside, we loved our time at the ocean.  Won’t you take a walk with us through a little of our adventure?

I’ll start with the lake behind our camp site. I loved the dragon flies that swarmed by the dozens over the water. I snapped pics every chance I got. Most of the rest of the pictures are John’s. I hope you enjoy them all.
20131101-171532.jpgAgain, Amazing beauty and these are bugs!!!20131101-171459.jpg



Amazing Sunsets!
DSC_2654EIsn’t this capture beautiful?  Possibly my favorite.

20131101-184646.jpgAmazing Food!  The sandwiches, chips, and cookies eaten on the beach were awesome too.  A little sand added texture.


Bet you know who took the blurry picture above! : )20131101-184844.jpg








I would have missed seeing this tiny crab but John’s keen eye spotted him.  Makes me think of the saying “enjoy the little things in life because one day you’ll look back and realize they were the big things.”   How many things throughout life have I missed the beauty of? They seemed minuscule or were routine at the time but were amazing.  Lord, open my eyes daily to all Your precious moments.  20131101-185333.jpg


Beautiful sight in the sky- the sun is the brightness on the right.

Beautiful sight in the sky- the sun is the brightness on the right.

I added the above menu picture as an interesting note….we were told this restaurant is owned by Jimmy Buffett’s sister.



Poor John…his lady is “shelling.”

We thought the little guy above was amazing.  If you look closely, he has a broken foot so he gets around by hopping. Didn’t slow him down a bit.


Okay, one more dragon fly picture…I’ll have to say I’m amazed by how they look…kinda ugly and beautiful at the same time.DSC_2562E

More than the sounds of the waters, than the mighty breakers of the sea,

                                 The Lord God on High is Mighty.

John and I talk about it a lot.  We are so thankful for each adventure God allows us to share.  We know each day is a gift from Him and we  treasure it.  Thank you, Lord, for time to enjoy the beauties of Your incredible creation.  It truly is indescribable!  And Lord, thank you for the unexpected shovel that led to so much fun.



The shells displayed today to keep our memories refreshed.


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