Another Gulf Coast Adventure

I remember the first time I crossed the Mississippi River Bridge forty-four years ago.  I was traveling to meet my future In-laws.  I tossed a penny into those ‘well written about’ Huck Finn waters as we drove toward Oklahoma.  I’ve now passed over that bridge hundreds of times and experienced a lot of living in between.

Last year John and I camped at the Gulf State Park for the first time and loved it.  We decided we’d like to make it a yearly event.  That was before John’s health took a dive. With the death of my mom and John’s cardiac situation, we didn’t think we’d be able to make the trip again.  But alas, in God’s Grace, we were blessed to do it one more time.

Hope you enjoy the pictures that follow.  The first is taken from the Mississippi River Bridge, others from the beach, and then some from our camp site.  On days that John was tired, we enjoyed sitting outside our trailer resting and reading and watching the Monarchs and other wild life.  Thank you, Lord.  Oh, and I did my shell-a-thon again.  Pictures will follow later on those treasures.




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