It’s Working!

We’ve traveled over one and a half years on this plant based diet road. We’ve not cheated much but I will admit that John had a Java Chiller from Sonic a week or so ago.  He had a wisdom tooth pulled and while under the influence of Doc-given-drugs, he begged for his old farmiliar treat.  We’d left the surgeon’s office, and dropped a pain script at CVS when John asked for it.  His asking turned into begging so I turned the car around and drove thru the Sonic drive thru.  He ate the whole thing before we got home. How was I to know that he’d have no memory of eating that sugary treat?  I had to show him the video that I filmed so he’d believe he ate it all.

Other than that, we’ve been very diligent to adhere to our no oil, no dairy, & no meat eating style.  We meet our Sunday School Class on most Monday nights at a local pizza place.  While they eat pizza, we load up on the salad bar.  It really doesn’t bother either of us.  We enjoy the fellowship but John does enjoy telling them that while they’re not looking, he licks their pizza.

So we keep pushing forward on our plant based journey and recently were greatly encouraged at one of John’s checkups. Though they won’t do an angiogram anytime soon, they do check his carotid arteries yearly via ultrasound.  Even the doctor was surprised when John’s plaque had decreased in his neck.  It went from twenty-five percent blocked to seventeen on one side and nineteen on the other. The technician wrote below it that his carotids were like those of a fifty-two year old.

img_0918.jpgIn the meantime, we’ve traveled some other roads as well.   We celebrated John’s 60th birthday(which he never thought he’d see)  And we’ve celebrated our 4th anniversary  with a trip to Eagles Nest, Red River, Tin Cup, and Lake City, Colorado.  We are blessed.  Thank you, Lord.

IMG_0803 IMG_0826

Church with our dear friends Gay and Andy was a special treat.


The pass to Tin Cup


Lake City Baptist Church –  Gay and Andy’s Church


The Visitor Center in Buena Vista, CO


An unexpected sighting treat!

IMG_0750 IMG_0674 IMG_0695


16 thoughts on “It’s Working!

  1. that is fantastic news ! I think you both were blessed to meet each other ! please tell John Happy late birthday old man and to you both congrats on 4 blessed years


  2. Our God is so good. John Hope you had a Happy Birthday. I am so happy for you both. The news is wonderful about your health. It is amazing to know what a difference your eating has made which makes me realize that we probably should all eat that way. You both look great and are made for each other.


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    • Denise, thanks so much. We are pleased with his progress. He has his days that are very uncomfortable but for the most part, he does very well. We’re so thankful! Hope all is going well with you guys. Blessings to you. Pam


  3. Such wonderful news … and john are having such a good time …you two are truly blessed …good job with the plant based diet …’s working … We all could take a lesson from that!!! Happy Anniversary !!!!!

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  4. I’m so happy for you all. The Sonic story made me laugh! I love mocha java chillers, too! Thanks for sharing, Pam, and, as always, I loved the photos. God is truly good. May He give John many more years.

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  5. I was thinking of you all two days ago. Mainly when I came in from jogging and was hungry, looked in my fridge and asked, “What would John do?” I am not enjoying this diet as much as I thought I would. Very happy for you both! So glad he had a great appointment. Enjoyed the photos. Have a Happy 4th!


    • Karyn, thank you. We buy Dave’s Good Seed bread(at Sprouts) and keep it. I’ll put a little almond butter (not legal for John) and a half banana for a snack. We air pop popcorn and spray it with amino acids. That is one of John’s favorite snacks. I keep dark chocolate covered almonds for my decadent treat. We usually have Barbara’s fig newtons…they’re legal. Frozen red grapes are also one of our go to summer snacks. VERY REFRESHING. Figuring out our snacks was one of our harder things but it has become a way of life for the most part. Any fruit, of course works, carrot sticks, and veggies with hummus work too. : )


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