Houston Days

For several weeks now, John has cycled into a few days here & there of extreme tiredness and/or heart pain.  Sometimes this discomfort occurred only at night after he lay down, other times he’d feel the old familiar pain as he walked up an incline or hurried to do something. The pain/tiredness was random but seemed to come a bit more often and stay a bit longer.  He gradually needed nitros more often and we became more and more concerned.







When John reblocked in March of 2014, the doctors didn’t give him much hope of longevity.  Intimal Hyperplasia was the diagnosis, and it is called the bane of heart disease.  At that time, John wondered if he’d see his birthday that was only two months away.  We are now one and a half years from that time and John has done very well. He’s celebrated two more birthdays and I believe his commitment to our ‘no oil, no dairy, & no meat diet’ has been a part of his success as well as his faith and the faithfulness of others to pray.  

Since John isn’t a candidate for another bypass, and Tulsa can’t place stints, they sent us to these specialists at St. Luke’s a year ago.  This is our third visit here but the first time to have a procedure. So ….here we are in Houston facing John’s third heart cathe tomorrow.  It’s a scary thing but also an opportunity to grab hold of God.  We see His fingerprint in so many provisions and place tomorrow in our Great Physicians hand.  Please pray that we can leave there!  

PS. We are so thankful that Angie has been able to be here every step of the way.  Such a blessing to us.  


7 thoughts on “ Houston Days

  1. John and Pam know that we are sending prayers up and believing that GOD will answer those prayers, asking the doctor to be focused and to give John all the strength he needs for this procedure and GOD’s healing power to wash all over Him. Pam, I will be praying for you as well for peace and that GOD wraps his arms around you during John’s procedure.


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