Back From Houston

It’s a beautiful fall-ish day and I am sitting out on our patio watching the hummingbirds dart over my head.  A blue-jay and a beautiful cardinal sit spying on me from their perch above the bird seed, wondering if it is safe for them to feed.

Photo on 9-13-15 at 4.25 PM

My view from the back porch! Wish you could see the hummingbirds and cardinals.

Our trip to Houston was a tough one, but there were many precious times too. It gave John, Angie, and I time to visit.  Angie drove about 400 of the 500 return miles, and John googled iTunes on his phone for the songs he and Angie listened to when he drove her to school many years ago. She went to a private Christian school in Tulsa and their drive time took them about twenty-five minutes each morning.  He found and played their long ago favorite songs on his IPHONE, and they sang along and laughed and reminisced.  It was such a blessing for me because I could picture a thirty-something John driving his beautiful little Angie to school and them rocking out with their tunes.

I sang a long with them as they listened to “AppleJack” by Dollie Parton and “Jolene”.   I may have recorded their voices as they sang Applejack but I think I am only allowed to share it with Brett!   Such a blessing for me to feel apart of those by-gone days.

Now as I sit outside, I’m also reminded of something else God allowed me to experience in Houston.  Before we were dismissed, I realized I’d forgotten to bring a shirt inside for John to wear home. (The car was a long distance away)  For some reason, John didn’t think it appropriate to leave shirtless in his jeans.  : ) Angie had been my naviagator around the huge hospital all week but I didn’t want her to make the trek to the gift shop.  She yet had that hike to the parking garage to get the car and her knee was still healing from surgery six weeks earlier.

John had been moved the day before to the 6th floor of the Cooley Building, and I wasn’t as familiar with it as I was with where we’d spent the previous five days.  SO, since I’ve always been directionally challenged, and couldn’t use my GPS for this jaunt, I got lost.

I found myself going in circles on the first floor of St. Lukes Hospital.  I started to panic, but then felt the calming nudge of the Holy Spirt.  I felt Him impress on me to calm down, slow down, and look at the sign posts around me more carefully.  I stopped and read everything around me, and, of course, directions were clearly posted everywhere.  As I stayed focused on Him and calm, I found the gift shop. I bought John a tee shirt and headed back to his room.  It was very easy to find my way there as I let go of fear and watched carefully for the sign posts.

I’m reminded of that right now.  No matter what lies ahead for any of us, as His children, He will calm us, direct us, and take us safely thru our trials. We just need to look expectantly toward Him for His directions.  Thank you, Lord.


3 thoughts on “Back From Houston

  1. Think you for these precious words informing what is/was happening, but also words to minister because you listen and have found the sign posts. You are treasure.

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