Gulf Coast Adventure #3

DSC_0025When we returned from Houston, John had several not-too-good weeks. He was very discouraged because he had little stamina and quite a bit of pain but he was determined to exercise in spite of it.  In fact, before we left Houston and he was barely out of recovery, he’d make twelve laps around the hospital halls…that was a mile. Then when we got home, he wasn’t strong enough to walk our neighborhood…it’s hilly…but he faithfully walked on the treadmill.  Eventually we were able to walk in Angie’s neighborhood because it is flat.  And then the past month, we were able to make the trek in our hilly neighborhood.

As soon as John started to have enough stamina to walk our neighborhood and the glory of the fall-ish days arrived, his hope of going to the Gulf returned. We’d given up on taking that trip. We’d done it the past two years but he felt so bad after Houston, he didn’t think he had the strength.  But John’s theory is if he sits around until he feels up to doing ‘something‘, he’ll not get to do very much.  So almost over night it seemed, we made the decision to head to the gulf.  We packed our bags, loaded the RV,  and off we went.  I was going to learn to tow the trailer in case I had to drive, but the whole trip came and went, and I never did hop into that driver’s seat. John made it very well.  We took the trip in three days, taking our time, and had a wonderful time.


John’s sister, Genevieve and her husband, Jim blessed us by a visit while we were there. They’ve recently moved from California to Oklahoma so what a blessing to have some extra time with them.


I think walking in the sand is so therapeutic for John. He grew up on the beach in Barbados and the crash of the waves and the sand between his toes seem such a comfort.


A fun day at Fort Morgan in the Mobile Bay area.


I always have to take as many butterfly pictures as possible.


Fort Morgan Jim, Genevieve, and John


This is a little place at the Gulf State Park. It’s behind the visitor center and we love to just sit and soak in the sun.


This dude was after fish.


Isn’t this a beautiful flower? It was a climber and covered a portion of the railings at the park’s nature center.


Fort Morgan Jim, Genevieve, and John


Genevieve snapped this when we were fixing their burgers. We had vegan one. : )


I love this picture of Gen and John


One of our mornings at Cracker Barrel. We can eat the oatmeal there. : )


If John can get to the camp ground, he is as happy as a lark. He loves his camping.

DSC_0040 DSC_0033 DSC_0035 DSC_0055 (1) 67B9CA47-EDA4-4FAA-AFA7-1CFC0236ABEDIMG_1753IMG_1682IMG_1686


Tropical Storm Patricia is on her way so we are out of here!


His light always shines through the storm, always. Isaiah 25:4a For You have been a defense for the helpless, A defense for the needy in his distress, A refuge from the storm, a shade from the heat


12 thoughts on “Gulf Coast Adventure #3

  1. I sooooo enjoy all of your pictures and your beautiful inspiring words. You have always and will always be a great encouragement to me and many others too. Love you bunches, Mississippi sis!

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  2. Been thinking of you John and Pam. You picked a beautiful place to go and you look like you had a ball and the pictures are awesome. Great to see John out and you guys look great.


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