In 2012, John and I visited the Smoky Mountains on our first anniversary.  We stayed in the Buck Horn Inn, a picturesque Bed and Breakfast, in the foothills of Gatlinburg.  We loved the area and hoped to go back one day.

When Brett and Angie mentioned they’d love to take an RV trip to the Smoky Mountains and invited us along, we said, “Yes.” And on Mother’s Day of 2016 we headed out in our RV’s on a new adventure.  John hadn’t felt well in the previous weeks so it was another trip taken by faith and bathed in prayer. Among our health challenges, eating healthy on the road is one of our hardest. For John, it’s a matter of life and death & when you don’t eat oil or processed foods, often there aren’t many choices available.

So we always take along our healthy foods, including our trusty kale, but we love it when we find a healthy place to eat along the way.  We spent our first night boon docking at a Walmart in Jackson, Tennessee. We found a Jason’s Deli near by so we were thrilled to be able to eat out. Their salad bar is always awesome.


Along the way, we can always find a Subway. In fact, Subway is our best friend when we travel because we can order whole grain bread loaded with spinach and plenty of other veggies.(cucumbers, bell pepper, pickles, & tomatoes)  That does get old after awhile though.  : )

Monday night we arrived at our camp ground in Gatlinburg.  It was a quaint little park, Camp LeConte Luxury Resort, complete with Clamping areas. (Clamping is a new term for me)

Tuesday we headed to the park for our first day of adventure.  It was a beautiful Spring day. I’ll share some of the beautiful sites along the way.

We drove to the top of Clingman’s Dome and the weather was in the fifties. we loved the scenes but didn’t last long with the temps.  Can you tell we were cold?

My friend, Judith Hilbun, told me of a stop she thought we’d enjoy while in the Gatlinburg area…Parrot Mountain…we took this little side trip the second day of our visit.  Can’t wait to share these bird pictures. This little paradise area is filled with scriptures and beauty and parrots and birds from all over the world. Several of the parrots talked and waved hello and bye!

In my attempt to document our adventure, I’m over loading you with pictures!  One more I have to share is our visit to Bubba Gumps.  We ate there on our anniversary before we were Plant Strong and didn’t think we’d be able to eat there again.  BUT we were thrilled when we found a mushroom burger on their menu(I looked at their online menu & called to make certain) and John was able to order broccoli as his side. He normally doesn’t eat avocado so that was a cheat.  It was a delicious burger.


So thankful for the fun we had.  We ended our trip with one more night of fun at Hot Springs.

img_3374-2Angie snapped this picture of our last evening. THANK YOU, LORD, for another opportunity to enjoy Your creation. Thank you, Brett and Angie, for traveling with us and making it so much fun.  Angie, thanks for your creative Owlbert Snap Chats.  I feel I should have his picture here. : )  (Owl-bert is a little puppet..for those wondering)




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