Here we are, making a new life together. John’s a motorcycle riding, RV touring, camera toting adventurer that loves his daughter, and I’m a story writing, quilt making grandma that adores my four grandsons and their parents. We love God, our families, and each other and together we are forging new memories daily. In the decade of the 2000’s, I buried my husband and my daughter and I thought I’d spend the rest of my life alone. Then along came John. When we started our adventure, aka marriage, I’d toured no National Parks and John had seen seventeen. Now together we’ve seen twenty-seven  and we’re working on adding as many as we can in the years to come. We’ve both been graced with many of His Tender Mercies throughout our lives and hope to share new and remembered blessings, via blogging and pictures. Please join us and tag along. (My testimony can be found at http://www.lifestory.org/component/content/article/42-adversity/102-finding-hope-in-the-storms-of-life.html, and more of my blogs at http://www.singlewivesclub.blogspot.com and http://fifty-fiveplusandcounting.blogspot.com/?m=1


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